Lip Aesthetics

Lips directly affect the expression in the facial area. For this reason, deformations and deformities in the area can cause individuals to be disturbed by their appearance. Different techniques and procedures should be used for the removal of deformities in the lip area, augmentation or thinning. While surgical intervention is preferred due to its long-term results, procedures such as filling and botox can be preferred since they have a non-surgical effect in a short time. Lip aesthetics procedures performed with surgical intervention are widely preferred since they are completed in a short time and, the recovery process and returning to normal life are very short. 

What is Lip Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Lip aesthetics is the general name given to the procedures performed in order to achieve the desired appearance in case of deformation or deformities in the lips. Procedures such as lip augmentation, lip thinning, asymmetry correction, deformities and lip lifting can be performed within the scope of lip aesthetics. It is very important to choose different techniques for each procedure and lip structure in order to achieve more effective results. In lip aesthetics, the location and shape of the incision is determined according to the technique to be used along with its reason. Afterwards, the process varies depending on augmentation, lifting or thinning procedures. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. It takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Since the incision made in this procedure is usually at the junction line of the nose and upper lip, the incision is not likely to be visible, and the incisions in this area heal quite smoothly. 

Who Can Have Lip Aesthetics?

In terms of individuals, who undergo lip aesthetics procedures, it is not possible to talk about a general range of age. Rather than the effects of aging on the lips, this procedure is preferred in cases where deformities, asymmetries or lip structure are not compatible with the face. All individuals over the age of 18, who are not pleased with the shape of their lips, can undergo this procedure. It is one of the more preferred aesthetic procedures as it can be performed under local anesthesia depending on its scope. All individuals with suitable general medical conditions can get this procedure.

Planning Process Before Lip Aesthetics

Before the procedure, potential problematic points regarding the lips should be evaluated in detail. It is important that the result obtained is in proportionate to the general face line of the individual. For example, even if the individual wants extremely augmented lips, the necessary guidance should be provided if the facial structure is not suitable for this procedure. Since other procedures can be made with lip aesthetics, planning should be evaluated within this scope. Rhinoplasty, chin aesthetics and cheek aesthetics are frequently combined with lip aesthetics. If the lip aesthetics will be combined with one of these procedures, the planning should be performed accordingly. 

Before the procedure, the general medical condition of the individual should be evaluated, blood tests should be performed and allergy tests should be completed according to the anesthesia to be administered. The use of blood thinners, supplements or herbal tea should be avoided depending on the scope of the procedure. In order for the smooth recovery of the area, one of the points to be considered before the procedure is to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. 

Recovery Process After Lip Aesthetics

Unless a combined procedure is performed, it is known that the recovery process is quite short in lip aesthetics. After the procedure, the individual is often discharged on the same day. Since the sensitivity of the lips will increase in the first few days, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition, to consume liquid foods, and to feed with a straw. It is also important to avoid gestures that will stimulate lips for the first few days. It takes approximately 7 days for the edema in the area to completely improve. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Lip Aesthetics
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