Eyebrow Lifting/Tightening

Drooping may occur in the eyebrows due to the effects of time, environmental factors or only genetic transfer. It can be expected that the drooping in the eyebrows will negatively affect both the appearance and the sight of the individual. For this reason, eyebrow lift surgery may not be performed only due to cosmetic concerns. If eyebrow drooping is accompanied by eyelid sagging, it is necessary to have surgery in a short time to achieve the previous quality of sight. Droopy eyebrows also cause individuals to look unhappy, tired, angry or older. This prevent the expressions and mimics to be misunderstood, and it can be eliminated with a quick procedure.

What is Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

If deformations in the eyebrow area cause eyebrow drooping, the procedure is called eyebrow lift aesthetics. Different techniques can be used in eyebrow lift surgery. If there is a minimal droop in the eyebrow and does not affect the comfort of life of the individual by any means, the area can be improved with medical procedures. Nonetheless, surgery is more common in eyebrow lift aesthetics since the medical procedures are constantly repeated and the effects are not intense compared to surgery. Eyebrow lift aesthetics can be performed with endoscopic or traditional technique. In both methods, incisions are made on the scalp. In the endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery, the incisions are made in the form of small holes, and there is almost no bleeding during the procedure. Following the incisions, the area is tightened; and the procedure is completed.

Who Can Have Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics?

Eyebrow lift surgery is suitable for all individuals over the age of 18, whose general medical condition is suitable for the procedure. At and above 35 years of age, surgical procedure, namely the temple lift surgery should be preferred due to its more comprehensive procedure that eliminates the crow's feet around the eyes. In addition, it is important to perform a more comprehensive intervention with forehead lift or facelift at or above 45 years of age.

Different techniques can be used in the eyebrow lift surgery to be performed due to droopy eyebrows. The traditional method allows lifting of the eyebrows by removing the excess tissue through an incision along the frontal hairline. The permanence of the rope face lift method is shorter; however, it is performed more smoothly. This technique does not require any incisions. Endoscopic eyebrow lift is performed with a few incisions made on the scalp; and there is a smoother recovery process. Local or general anesthesia can be administered in procedures, depending on the technique and combined procedures.

Planning Process Before Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics

Before eyebrow lift aesthetics, the primary decision to be made is on whether the procedure will be performed alone or in combination. It is better to do the planning after this decision. Planning is performed according to criteria such as the suitability of the individual for the procedure, and the duration of procedure based on the medical condition of the individual. The technique to be administered is also decided according to the sagging in the eyebrow, and the need for intervention. Before the surgical procedure, the individual should pay attention to the general medical condition, and inform the anesthesiologist and the physician, even in the case of a cold. The use of medicines, herbal teas and supplements with known blood thinning effects should be discontinued. Alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided in order to achieve high success and comfort in the recovery process.

Recovery Process After Brow Lift Aesthetics

After the procedure, a few days of rest is sufficient for the individual to return to his daily life. Regular cold compress on the forehead contributes to the recovery process. If the technique to be administered requires stitching, stitches should be removed at the end of one week. After the procedure, there will be less movement in the area; however, the area will regain its former dynamism as the edema improves and the recovery progresses. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Eyebrow Lifting/Tightening
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