Chin Aesthetics

The proportion of the jawline to the face is very important in terms of the appearance of an individual. If there is a disproportion with the facial features in this area, an aesthetic procedure is required. Whether the chin is large, small or asymmetrical has an important effect on the appearance of an individual. A smaller chin compared to standard chin causes the face and other structures on the face to appear larger, while a larger chin compared to standard chin causes the opposite. It is possible to make the chin proportional to the face with the chin aesthetics.

What is Chin Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Chin aesthetics is a procedure performed under general anesthesia to eliminate the problems related to the chin. The scope of the procedure is important in how to perform chin aesthetic procedures. In these procedures, filing can be performed on the jawbone, or an implant can be placed in the area according to the requirement. The procedures are performed with an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. The location of the incision is determined according to the scope of the procedure.

Who Can Have Chin Aesthetics?

This procedure is suitable for individuals, who have problems in the jaw area and have completed their bone development. In case of a problem in the lower jaw, the planning of the procedure is made by considering whether the individual needs orthodontic treatment. In such cases, it is important that the plastic surgeon and orthodontist plan together.

Common problems in the jaw are as follows:

  • Dislocated and/or protruding jaw,
  • Larger or smaller chin compared to the face,
  • Disproportionate jaw tip compared to the jaw line,
  • Short or long chin tip,
  • The chin being shorter compared to the face. Individuals with these problems can have chin aesthetics if they do not have any medical problems to prevent the procedure.

Planning Process Before Chin Aesthetics

Chin aesthetics is an important procedure that directly affects the facial line and appearance of the procedure. Therefore, it should be performed by experts, and planned carefully. Before the procedure, the general medical condition of the individual is examined, the examinations required for general anesthesia are completed, and the planning process for the procedure is started. Blood thinners or supplements should be discontinued at least one week before the chin aesthetics. Quitting smoking and alcohol consumption is also important in terms of preventing complications both during the procedure and during the recovery process.

Recovery Process After Chin Aesthetics

Since the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, hospitalization may be required. In addition, since there is a special nutritional requirement, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for up to 2 days depending on the preference of the specialist performing the procedure. Edema in the area continues to increase for a while after the procedure; however, this period does not last not longer than two days. The recovery process of this procedure can vary from 1 week to 4 weeks. Nonetheless, the individual is expected to return to the normal life within 1 week after the procedure. If the procedure is performed with an incision made through the mouth, special attention should be paid to oral hygiene. In the recovery process, it is very important to rinse the mouth with special solutions after meals, and to choose foods suitable for the nutrition program. 

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Chin Aesthetics
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