Forehead Lift

Wrinkles may occur in the forehead both due to the effects of time and facial expressions. Deformations in the area can cause the individual to appear older, angry and unhappy. For this reason, it is possible to restore the youthful appearance, and make the expressions of the individual more understandable with forehead lift procedure.

What is Forehead Lift? How Is It Performed?

Forehead lift is a procedure that helps the individual to have a younger and more vibrant appearance, covering the removal of wrinkles and droops in the area including the eyebrows, temples and forehead. Forehead lift is commonly performed in combination with face lift, eyebrow lift and eyelid aesthetics. When it is performed alone, it is possible to talk about a procedure for approximately 3 hours under general anesthesia. In the traditional procedure, sagging and wrinkles in the area are removed with incisions made in the inner part of the scalp on both temples. Endoscopic forehead lift technique can be preferred according to the preference of the physician to perform the procedure, and the requirements of the procedures in the forehead area. This technique involves 4 small incisions. In this way, both the recovery process can be shortened and the possibility of scarring can be reduced with smaller incisions.

Who Can Have Forehead Lift?

Although forehead lift is generally a preferred procedure after deformations due to aging, it is also possible to perform it for mimics. For this reason, it is not correct to say that a certain age group prefers this operation. Forehead lift can be performed at the age of 30 and over, as a result of the increase in the scars due to facial expressions, and the manifestation of the signs of aging. With the recommendation of the physician in the early period, aesthetic medical procedures can be preferred, and forehead lift aesthetics can be performed in the long term.

Planning Process Before Forehead Lift

Since forehead lift is performed under general anesthesia, the general medical condition of the individual should be evaluated, and necessary tests should be performed beforehand. If the procedure is to be performed within the scope of combined aesthetics, it is important to make the planning more comprehensively. It is also important for the individual to be psychologically prepared for the process, as the great changes achieved in the face area with combined aesthetics will cause people to get used to a new appearance each month. For the recovery process and procedure, it is important to avoid consuming herbal teas that have a blood thinning effect before the procedure, and to leave it under the control of a physician if medication is used.

Recovery Process After Forehead Lift

Hospitalization may be required for one day after the procedure; however, this may vary depending on the condition of the patient and the result of the procedure. The area should be dressed regularly for 3 or 4 days after the procedure. Stitches are removed at the end of the first week. It is sufficient for the individual to rest for 10 days to return to normal life. In the process of returning to normal life, it is necessary to protect the area from the sun for a few months, to avoid doing heavy sports, and to protect the area where the operation is performed against impacts. It is possible to wear make up after forehead lift procedure. With the removal of the stitches, the person can start to wear make up. After forehead lift, a short-term loss of sensation may occur in the area. This will disappear in approximately 4 weeks. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Forehead Lift
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