Cheekbone Aesthetics

High and prominent cheekbones are traditionally regarded as one of the signs of beauty. On the other hand, not everyone is born with this kind of appearance. For this reason, many people prefer cheekbone aesthetics. As with many other procedures performed in the face area, cheekbone aesthetics is also performed to make the face look younger, balance the visual features of the face, and make the patient look more attractive. These aesthetic procedures, which have been performed for almost 60 years, can be performed extremely safely with the developing technology of today. Cheekbone aesthetics can be performed alone, as well as combined with rhinoplasty, face lifting, eyebrow lift or eye aesthetics.

What is Cheek Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Cheekbone aesthetics is performed to make this area of the face more prominent. In these procedures, various filling materials are also used together with surgical procedures. In procedure where filling materials are used, cheekbone aesthetics is performed with incisions made from the mouth and cheek areas. This procedure varies between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the procedure to be performed. Apart from implants, cheekbone aesthetics can also be performed with fat transfer, mid-face lift and temporary filling materials. As a result of reshaping, a younger appearance is obtained on the face of the patient.

Who Can Have Cheekbone Aesthetics?

Cheekbone aesthetics is an extremely personal operation, and the procedures performed vary according to the individual. Cheekbone aesthetics is performed in individuals with good medical conditions for cheekbone aesthetics, have stable weight, whose cheekbones are very flat, thin or sagging, or in individuals, who have distorted cheekbones after trauma. Although aesthetic procedures are performed to individuals over the age of 18, the age of the patients may not be considered in cases that occur as a result of various trauma. In procedures performed due to aesthetic concerns, patients must be at least 18 years old. However, it is recommended to wait for the development of the face to complete. In the procedures to be performed after the facial development of the person is completed, the expectations of the patient can be determined more accurately, and the results are also more successful.

Planning Process Before Cheek Aesthetics

Before the cheekbone aesthetics, the surgeon and the patient are involved in the process together. The technique to be used in the procedure is decided according to the face type of the patient and the desired result. The procedure to be performed in the area is determined in advance by drawing on the face. Patients should not consume alcohol and cigarettes before the procedure. In addition, aspirin, anti-inflammatory or blood thinning drugs should be avoided. For this reason, the surgeon should be informed about the medicines that are regularly used, in the planning process of the procedure. Depending on the type of the procedure, the surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not required for injection fillings.

Recovery Process After Cheek Aesthetics

The recovery process after the procedure is very comfortable, and it is not a painful surgery. Generally, patients are discharged one day after the procedure. Short-term swelling or discoloration occurs after the procedure; however, all of these are temporary. In the first week following the procedure, there is difficulty or pain in mouth and jaw movements. Pain that develops after aesthetic surgery can be controlled with pain medication. Swelling and discoloration disappear at the end of the first week. The final result occurs approximately 1 month after the procedure. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Cheekbone Aesthetics
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