Jowl Aesthetics

Sagging and wrinkles, which occur in the area starting with the chin line and covering the upper part of the neck, cause the individuals to look older than they are. In this area, sagging may occur due to the effects of time, weight gain and loss, or genetic factors. Excess deposition due to sagging or fat in this area is called jowl.

What is Jowl Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Jowl aesthetics is a procedure that is performed to eliminate deformations in the neck area starting from the jawline. Jowl aesthetics is performed using two different methods. Depending on the sagging in the area, the procedure can be planned as a jowl lift surgery with surgical intervention. This is the most common method. It is difficult to achieve the results of the stretching procedure with laser or lifting procedures due to the position and texture of the area. If there is no excessive sagging in the area, or if it is in the form of small wrinkles, laser procedure can be performed to make the area look more tight. If there is jowl formation due to fat in this area, the appearance can be corrected by removing excess fat tissue in the area with liposuction.

Surgical procedure of jowl aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia in approximately 1 hour. In the surgical procedure, the intervention is made starting from the chin line extending to the neck area. This are is also known as the submental area. Having a tight submental area with smooth lines and no sagging or wrinkles is one of the most powerful weapons for looking young.

Who Can Have Jowl Aesthetics?

Individuals, who desire to have jowl aesthetics, should have suitable general medical conditions. The decision on suitability for surgical procedure can be made depending on the chronic diseases and regularly used medicines shared with the physician. The increasing popularity of jowl aesthetics in recent years has also increased the demand for this procedure. This procedure, which used to be popular around the age of 50 in the past, is now preferred as of the 30s. The main reason for this is that the deformations in the jowl area cannot be eliminated sufficiently with make-up or medical cosmetic procedures, and that the problem in the area seriously affects the appearance of the individual. For this reason, all individuals with realistic expectations, who desire to have jowl aesthetics, can have this surgical procedure.

Planning Process Before Jowl Aesthetics

During the planning process for the procedure, the general medical condition of the individual should be considered first, and the suitability for the procedure should be approved. If the non-surgical procedures such as liposuction, laser or botox are to be performed, preparation and recovery processes are much shorter. Concerning the surgical intervention, the process starts with the allergy tests after the suitability of the individual for the procedure is approved. In the meantime, the process continues with the planning of the procedure and the determination of the result to be obtained afterwards. It is recommended to quit alcohol and smoking in order to have a smooth recovery period before the procedure, and to reduce the possibility of any complications during the procedure. It is also necessary to quit drugs and supplements that have blood thinning effects one week before the surgical procedure.

Recovery Process After Jowl Aesthetics

Different techniques can be administered in surgical procedure of jowl aesthetics, and combined procedures can be performed. Face lift and jowl aesthetics are common surgical procedures that are performed in combination. It is possible to say that the recovery process in jowl aesthetics is approximately 1 week. This period may be shorter or longer depending on the scope of the procedure. It is usually possible to be discharged from the hospital on the same day after the procedure; however, overnight hospitalization may be required depending on the condition of the individual in procedures performed under general anesthesia. The area is dressed with a special bandage. Swelling and edema are expected to decrease within a few days.

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Jowl Aesthetics
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