The facial area with the most intensive effects of aging. The face ages due to exposure to intense environmental factors and cosmetic procedures. With the effects of time, there is an increase in the aging on the facial area. Different procedures can be performed according to the deformations in the facial area. It is possible to eliminate the deformations in the area with two different surgical interventions as facelift and mini facelift.

What is Facelift Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Facelift procedures are performed to provide regeneration in the facial area, and to recover the sagging and wrinkles that may occur in the area. The scope of this procedure is determined according to the needs and general medical condition of the individual. Both the requirements and results of the procedures called mini facelift and full facelift differ.

When performing facelift aesthetics, it is necessary to consider the face as a whole and to determine the needs of other areas on the face. Therefore, a detailed planning must be performed for the procedure. In facelift procedure, incisions are made from points such as front of the ear, scalp, forehead line or behind the ear. Afterwards, the connective tissues that cause sagging are lifted, excess skin is removed and the lifting procedure is completed by stretching the tissues towards the incisions. If a mini facelift is to be performed, an incision is made from the front of the ear to the back of the earlobe. The procedures of these two procedures are the same. While the lower and middle facial area is intervened in the mini facelift procedure, the deformations in the entire face are intervened in the full facelift procedure.

Who Can Have Facelift Aesthetics?

Since facelift aesthetics is associated with deformation in the area, it is known that this comprehensive procedure is preferred more frequently in advanced ages. This procedure, which is preferred especially after the age of 50s, is a favorite of individuals, who desire to get a long-term effect, since the results obtained in this procedure are also highly satisfactory. In order to interfere with sagging and wrinkles in the earlier period, procedures such as rope suspension, spider suspension and botox can be preferred, as well as mini facelift aesthetics.

Since facial aesthetics is a comprehensive procedure performed under general anesthesia, the general medical condition of the individual should be suitable for the procedure. If different procedures are to be included in the process with facelift aesthetics, age and medical condition should be considered in the planning of anesthesia. All individuals with appropriate medical conditions, who have realistic expectations regarding the procedure, and decide on aesthetic procedure with their free will, can have this procedure.

Planning Process Before Facelift

Before this procedure, the planning process should be performed carefully. The general structure of the face, deformations that need to be removed with a procedure, and other aesthetic procedures should be carefully planned. Facelift aesthetics is not limited to the recovery of the skin sagging in the facial area. It is a procedure that involves the entire face, and yields the best result by considering the effects of the procedures on the eyes, lips, nose, forehead, cheek and chin area. Therefore, the planning process may be longer compared to other aesthetic procedures.

It should be remembered that there are points to be considered before the facelift aesthetics in order to ensure a smooth procedure, continued effect and a successful recovery process. It is important for the process to take measures such as quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, and avoid using blood thinners. Before this procedure, which may require a long planning process, should be postponed even in the case of a simple cold. Since the planning process is rather long, it is normal for the individuals to have the procedure immediately; however, the slightest medical problems should be considered within the process.

Recovery Process After Facelift

Facelift aesthetics is a procedure that can last for a long time. Full facelift aesthetics can last between 4 and 8 hours. The effect of combined aesthetic planning is also very high during this period. Therefore, overnight hospitalization may be required after the procedure. Drains are removed and the patient is discharged after one day following the procedure. At the end of the first week, stitches begin to be removed. After the 3rd day, the edema on the face decreases. In a period of approximately 10 days, swelling, edema, redness and bruises disappear completely. If the individual has a calm profession, s/he can return to work after 2 weeks. If the individual has a busy and tiring job, s/he can return to work after 4 weeks.

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Say hello to your old life.
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