Eyebrow Transplant

The procedure, which is performed to eliminate the hair loss in the eyebrows due to reasons such as accident, injury, hormone changes, medication use or medical problems, is called the eyebrow transplant. Eyebrow transplantation is performed similarly to hair and beard transplantation. If the individual is suitable for the procedure, planning is made in a short time, and transplantation
is performed.

What is Eyebrow Transplant? How Is It Performed?

The procedure that is performed to eliminate the weakness, loss or thinning in the eyebrows is called eyebrow transplant. Eyebrow transplant is usually performed using the FUE technique . The procedure is similar to hair and beard transplantation. Nape is preferred as the donor area in eyebrow transplantation procedures. Nonetheless, in case the nape area is not suitable for this procedure,
a different donor area can be selected. The procedure is performed in three stages
. The first stage is carried out by collecting the healthy and strong hair roots from the donor area. In the second stage, a channel is opened in the transplantation area in a way to ensure a natural look. The channel should be opened carefully.
Accordingly, new eyebrows grow from the roots to be placed in the channels. The growing angle of the eyebrow should be compatible with the general lines of the facial and eyebrow area of the individual. During the procedure,
the opening of the channel is the stage that requires specialty and should be performed very carefully. In the third stage, the collected grafts are placed in the channels opened. That is how the procedure is completed. Since the procedure to be performed in the eyebrow area covers a small area, the eyebrow transplantation  is performed in single procedure.

Who Can Have Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that is performed as a result of hair loss in the eyebrow area. Eyebrow transplantation can be performed to address wound formation due to trauma, spillage as a result of eyebrow piercing, or in case of openings in the eyebrow area due to genetic factors . In addition to these cases, individuals with impaired eyebrow configuration due to incorrect cosmetic procedures can also have eyebrow transplant. The procedure can be performed to individuals, who do not have a disease that does not have a protective vaccine.
It is also important not to have a chronic medical problem.

Planning Process Before Eyebrow Transplant

Before the eyebrow transplantation, a general medical examination should be performed. The procedures performed in the eyebrow area generally do not carry risks; however, necessary examinations are important to ensure a smooth process. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia . It is also important to perform the necessary allergy tests for local anesthesia. In terms of planning, it is important to provide detailed information about the medical history of the individual to be operated. After obtaining the necessary information and performing the tests, the planning is performed for the procedure. First of all, the area to be transplanted is clarified by determining the eyebrow shape. In this way, the number of grafts to be collected is determined. After the transplantation area is marked, the donor area is determined. Nape is the most commonly preferred donor area, if suitable. This area is preferred due to the durability of the hair growing in this area . After the procedure date is decided, the individual is recommended to quit
alcohol and smoking to ensure a smooth recovery.

Recovery Process After Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that is usually completed in a single session. After the procedure, the process of shedding of the transplanted hair, which is also called shock shedding, begins in the second week. After about 3 months, new eyebrows start to grow. After the procedure, it is important to keep the area clean, and use medicines and lotions prescribed by the physician. 

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Eyebrow Transplant
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