Almond Eye Aesthetics

The eyes are the areas, which reveal the beauty of the individual, reflect the signs of aging the most, and display the most definite expression of the individual. Almond eye aesthetics is one of the procedures that can be performed smoothly in individual, who desire to have more attractive and strong looks. The structure of the eye can cause individuals to look undesirably tired, unhappy and displeased. The different deformations that occur in the eye area with the effects of time also intensify this appearance. The eye area is reshaped with almond eye aesthetics, allowing the individual to have a much more vivid and impressive look. Almond eye aesthetics, which is one of the procedures with immediate effect providing radical change, can be combined with eyelid or eyebrow lift aesthetics when necessary.

What Is Almond Eye Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Almond eye aesthetics is procedure that is performed when the external wall of the eye is downward. It provides vitality in the eyes by stretching the downward-facing area upwards. Almond eye aesthetics is a procedure that takes about 1 hour under general anesthesia. The procedure is completed by pulling up the area called canthus, which is the junction of the upper and lower eyelids. The effect of the procedure is permanent. Nonetheless, different types of sagging may occur in the eye area with the effects of time. At this point, the area should be intervened with a different procedure, or the almond eye aesthetics should be repeated. In advanced ages, this procedure, which is also known as cat eye aesthetics, can be performed in combination with eyelid aesthetics, stretching or botox procedures for wrinkle removal, or eyebrow lift aesthetics. A more attractive change can be achieved as a result of combined planning.

Who Can Have Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Almond eye aesthetics is not procedure related to aging. It is possible that this procedure may be needed due to the general structure of the eye. Therefore, all individuals over the age of 18 can have almond eye aesthetics if they desire this change. The procedure is not recommended for individuals with chronic diseases in the eye area. Since it is performed under general anesthesia, the medical condition of the individual must be suitable for this procedure.

Planning Process Before Almond Eye Aesthetics

It should be remembered that planning is very valuable before almond eye aesthetics. Before the procedure, a general medical examination must be performed. Planning should be performed if the individual is a suitable candidate for the procedure. It should be remembered that almond eye aesthetics is the process of lifting the intersection point of the eyelids called canthus; however, it will cause a significant change on the face of the individual. For this reason, how the procedure will be carried out, the angle and the distance of the lifting procedure should be planned in advance. Before the procedure, supplements, herbal teas or medicines with blood thinning effects should be discontinued. It is recommended to discontinue alcohol consumption and smoking to achieve a smooth recovery process.

Recovery Process After Almond Eye Aesthetics

After the procedure performed under general anesthesia, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for one night depending on the general condition of the individual. During the recovery process of almond eye aesthetics, the individual should pay attention to the facial area. Especially for a week after the procedure, it is important to avoid foods that will cause the exhaustion of the facial muscles. The measures to be taken for the first week include avoiding hard foods or chewing gums. In addition, it is necessary not to put on make up for about a week until the approval of the physician is obtained. The area should be protected after the procedure. Avoiding the places that will pose an infection risk such as pools and saunas is also important for the recovery process for the first few weeks. Recovery is completed in a total of 3 weeks. If sufficient care is taken in the area after the procedure, no scarring is expected. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Almond Eye Aesthetics
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