Eyelid Aesthetics

Since the eyes directly affect the expression in the looks of an individual, they are very important in terms of overall appearance. Bags under the eyes, sagging and droopy eyelids cause individuals to look tired, old and unhappy. Therefore, the effect of the procedures performed on the eyelid is quite remarkable. It is a small procedure that takes a very short time; on the other hand, the effect is very surprising and beautiful. Eyelid aesthetics is not only performed due to aesthetic concerns, they are performed for eliminating loss of vision due to the drooping of the upper eyelid.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics? How Is It Performed?

Eyelid aesthetics can be defined as the general scope of the procedure to remove the deformations in the upper and lower eyelids. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia should be preferred in case procedures such as eyebrow and forehead lifting will be performed in combination with this procedure. The duration of the procedure varies according to its scope. On the other hand, the duration of eyelid aesthetics alone varies between 45 and 60 minutes. In the interventions to be made on the upper eyelid, the procedure is performed with an incision opened from the fold line of the eyelid. An incision is made along the lower lash line for droops and bags in the lower eyelid. Since both incisions are very suitable for concealing, there are no visible scars, even shortly after the procedure. After the area has recovered smoothly, the scar is not expected to be visible, also with careful examination.

Who Can Have Eyelid Aesthetics?

Eyelid aesthetics can be performed due to different reasons. It is possible to perform this procedure for aesthetic concerns and medical problems. Eyelid drooping and a decrease in vision due to this droop are the most common reasons for eyelid aesthetics for improving health and quality of life. In addition, this procedure is performed to eliminate the visual and mental negative effects of drooping and bags in the eyelids. Eyelid aesthetics is basically one of the procedures demanded by individuals, who desire to have younger, energetic looks and clear vision. Aging is not the only cause of deformations in the eyelids. Sagging, drooping or swelling of the eyelids may occur due to genetic factors, trauma or medical problems. For this reason, anyone with functional or visual problems in the area can have the procedure.

Planning Process Before Eyelid Aesthetics

Before the procedure, the general medical condition of the individual should be examined, and necessary examinations should be performed. In planning for combined aesthetic procedures, it is very important to plan the process in more detail. Hence, changes in the eye area will cause serious changes in the facial expression of the individual. Before the procedure, regularly used medicines should be reported to the specialist physician, and planning should be performed accordingly. The date of procedure is determined according to the planning, which involves the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both eyelids. Before the procedure, it is recommended to quit anticoagulant drugs, supplements or herbal teas.

Recovery Process After Eyelid Aesthetics

It is important to protect the area after the procedure. It is recommended to avoid excessive gestures, rapid and violent coughing and sneezing. Edema and swelling disappear visibly within a week. Complete recovery takes up to 2 weeks. The individual can return to normal life within a few days. It is important to protect the area from sunlight, and to follow the necessary recommendations for a smooth recovery. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Eyelid Aesthetics
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