Sagging skin can occur mostly in the internal parts of the upper and inner parts legs due to the effect of gravity with the advancement of age, frequent weight changes and genetic factors. These deformations, which cause physical distress as a result of friction during activities and affect the body shape negatively, can be corrected by thighplasty. Thighplasty can be performed alone and in combination with other aesthetic procedures performed to improve the body shape. In the planning of the procedure, individualized steps must be taken specific to the patient. When planned accurately and the needs of the patients are prioritized, high satisfaction can be achieved after thighplasty.

What Is Thighplasty? How Is It Performed?

During pregnancy or as a result of various factors such as weight changes, aging and sedentary life, sagging and fat accumulation may occur on the upper and inner parts of the legs. Aesthetic surgeries performed to eliminate these deformations in the legs are called thighplasty. Due to the structural thinness of the skin in the thigh area, deformations such as sagging and cracking are frequently seen. Accordingly, thighplasty is among the most common aesthetic surgeries.

 Thighplasty is performed under general anesthesia, and takes 2-3 hours on average. After examining the amount of sagging and adipose tissue in the area, liposuction can also be performed in the procedure. During the procedure, excess skin is removed from the groin line towards the inner side of the leg, and the skin on the inner part of the leg is lifted upwards. In the meantime, the connective tissues and muscles in the area can also be configured. Thanks to the thighplasty, it is possible to get rid of the stubborn fat and sagging skin in the internal part of the legs. 

Who Can Have Thighplasty?

Patients, whose general medical condition is suitable for surgery, who have realistic expectations, who have completed the weight loss process or have weight control, who have physical and cosmetic problems due to deformation in their legs, are considered suitable for upper thighplasty.

Planning Process Before Thighplasty

The planning process starts with a comprehensive examination. The expectations of the patient are learned, and their needs are determined. The technique to be used in the procedure is determined according to the quality of the skin in the thigh area, the amount of fat in the area and the amount of excess skin. If there is excessive fat in the area, and if the skin is elastic, liposuction can be recommended. On the other hand, if the amount of sagging skin is too much, liposuction will not be sufficient and planning is performed for surgery. 

Recovery Process After Thighplasty

After thighplasty, patients should not strain their legs for the first week. It is important to wear a corset at the recommended frequency and time for a few weeks. Thus, the legs will reach the target form more easily. In the early postoperative period, it is possible to develop edema and pain, which can be improved with painkillers. 

Heavy sports should be avoided before full recovery. Heavy sports can cause bleeding. Hygiene should be ensured successfully in the suture area. Thus, the risk of infection can be eliminated. Smoking and alcohol consumption, which negatively affect recovery, should be avoided. 

In order for the effects of thighplasty to last as long as possible, patients should gain healthy eating habits in the post-operative period, and maintain their form by exercising regularly.

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Say hello to your old life.
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