Neck Lift

In the neck area, it is quite common to see the effects related to weight gain and loss, environmental factors and aging. Sagging and wrinkles in the neck area, which is one of the most neglected areas in daily skin care, cause individuals to look older. With the effect of gravity, aesthetic intervention is necessary to eliminate the deformations in the neck.

What Is Neck Lift? How Is It Performed?

Neck lift is one of the aesthetic procedures that enable the deformations and sagging in the neck area to be removed, and the area to have a tighter appearance. Neck lift surgery is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. The incisions for the procedure are made on the scalp, natural neck folds, or behind the ear. In this way, it is possible to minimize the possibility of scarring after the procedure. The bands in the neck area and the tension of the skin in the area are excised and stitched. In this way, a tighter appearance is obtained in the area. During the procedure, it is also possible to intervene in the tip of the chin, and remove the excess skin, if necessary.

Who Can Have Neck Lift?

Neck lift is an effective procedure for individuals, who lose weight rapidly after obesity surgery, who have regional deformation problems depending on age, and who constantly lose and gain weight. For this procedure, it is important that the general medical condition of the individual does not prevent the procedure. The procedure, which is commonly preferred at the age of 40 and over, can be performed at younger ages when there are deformations due to weight. When necessary, neck lift can be performed with combined aesthetic planning. It is possible to achieve a more comprehensive change by performing neck lift within the scope of chin or facial aesthetics.

Planning Process Before Neck Lift

Before the procedure, the general medical condition of the individual is examined, a physical examination is performed, and it is examined whether there are any chronic diseases preventing the procedure. Afterwards, smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided, and drugs such as aspirin should not be used in order to avoid any complications during the recovery process.

Recovery Process After Neck Lift

After the neck lift, the drains that are placed behind the ear are removed in 1 day, when it is concluded that there is no problem. Meanwhile, the individual is discharged. The stitches used in the procedure are removed within maximum 7 days. After neck lift, it is necessary to avoid heavy sports and forceful movements for 14 days, and the area should not be exposed to any force. The use of sunscreen and protecting the area from the sun are also very important for the success of the procedure. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Neck Lift
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