Fat Injection

There may be decreases of volume in many parts of the body, especially the face, due to different reasons such as aging, genes and frequent changes of weight. Losses of volume may cause the individuals to look older than they are, deteriorate the body shape or change the expression if the loss of volume occurs on the face. Filling and fat injections are the most preferred methods to eliminate losses of volume due to different reasons. Nowadays, the success of the results obtained with fat injection leads to an increase in the popularity of this procedure.

Fat injection has extensive areas of use. The fat injection method, which is based on the special treatment of the fat obtained from the body and then injecting it into the planned body area, stands out as a very reliable procedure. There is no possibility of an allergic reaction after the procedures, where fat tissues are obtained from the individual. On the other hand, the duration of these procedures may vary according to the individual. 

What is Fat Injection? How Is It Performed?

Fat injection, which is frequently used for shaping the body and facial lines, is a procedure that can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures. With fat injection, lips can be thickened, cheekbones can be clarified, the loss of volume in cheeks can be eliminated, lower jaw can be enlarged, and deep wrinkles on the face can be filled. Fat injection, which is generally preferred in the facial area, may be preferred for purposes such as removing contour defects in the skin after liposuction performed in the past, and enlarging the breasts in selected cases. Fat injection can be performed within the scope of Brazilian Butt Lift in order to add volume to the butt, and to improve the shape of the butt. From this point of view, it can be stated that fat injection can be preferred for both aesthetic and repair purposes.

Fat injection is mostly performed under local anesthesia. Fat is obtained from the areas determined in the planning process using the liposuction method. The fats obtained are treated with special procedures, and injected into the desired body area in order to gain volume or shape. The liposuction technique to be preferred for the procedure is determined according to the area where the fat will be removed from, and the structure of the skin. Fat injection is completed in about 30 to 60 minutes. 

Who Can Have Fat Injection?

Individuals, who have volume deficiencies in the face or certain parts of their body, want to have a more radiant and plump skin, aim to improve facial contours, are over the age of 18, are suitable for the procedure, and have realistic expectations, can have fat injection. Since the distinctive feature for fat injection is the removal of fat from the individual, it is critically important to have sufficient fat tissue.

Planning Process Before Fat Injection

Before fat injection, the planning process should be performed in detail. Fat is usually obtained from the abdomen, waist or hip for fat injection. Nonetheless, it may be possible to remove fat from the arms, legs or neck area according to the patients. The amount of transfer to the area to be injected is also determined during the planning process. As mentioned before, fat injection is often preferred in the facial area. If fat injection will be made to the face, facial analysis will also be required in order for the injection area to be in harmony with the other lines of the face. During the planning process of fat injection, patients are informed about the rules they must follow. 

Recovery Process After Fat Injection

There is no need for a hospital stay after fat injection. Patients can go home within a few hours after the procedure. Since swelling may occur in the injection areas, cold compresses are required. It is recommended to apply a cold compress to the injection area every 15 minutes. 

There may be excessive edema for two days. The edema will gradually disappear after this period if the recommendations of the surgeon are followed. The permanence of fat injection may vary according to the individual, and the injection area. Today, the fat tissues obtained from the body are prepared for the process using advanced technology, and the permanence period can be extended by preventing the contact of the fat tissues to be transferred with air. 

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Fat Injection
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