Brazilian Butt Lift/Butt Aesthetics/Hip Aesthetics

The proportion and shape of the hips are among the most important variables in a perfect body perception. During the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which provides fuller, rounder and smoother buttocks, the hips are shaped by using the fat tissues obtained from the individual. After Brazilian butt lift, the individual can both get rid of regional excess fat, and have more curved hips. In addition, there is no need for implants to obtain the desired image.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift? How Is It Performed?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a body aesthetic surgery, in which the buttocks are improved in shape, filled and lifted by transferring the excess fat obtained from the hips, thighs, waist and abdomen to the hips with a special process. During this procedure, both the size and shape of the buttocks can be improved by injecting and transferring fat. The procedure starts with the removal of fat from the area with excess fat by liposuction. The technique to be used in liposuction is determined by the patient. Then the fat tissues obtained are prepared for transfer after a special process. The transfer is made to the hip area, according to the body proportion of the patient. Local or general anesthesia may be preferred for the procedure.

Who Can Have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is based on the process of removing the own fat of the patient, and transferring it to the hip area. For this reason, the patient must have excess fat tissue that can be transferred. As implants may be needed for butt aesthetics in very thin individuals, Brazilian Butt Lift is not recommended for individuals in this group. Patients, who have sufficient fat for the procedure, whose hips are flat, flattened and small in size, whose general medical condition is suitable for surgery, and who want to have fuller and shapely hips, can be considered as suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift.

Planning Process Before Brazilian Butt Lift

The planning phase is very important for increasing patient satisfaction, and ensuring that the results of the procedure are both natural and attractive. For this reason, variables such as the expectations of the patient, body proportions, fat ratio in the areas to be transferred fat are evaluated individually. 

Recovery Process After Brazilian Butt Lift

After Brazilian Butt Lift, patients are usually discharged on the same day after their medical condition is examined. In the postoperative period, minimal pain that can be controlled with painkillers is possible. The most important issue to be considered in this process is not to sit or lie directly on the hip for about 2 weeks. Patients can return to daily activities in about 1 week. Due to the nature of the procedure, some of the injected fat can be absorbed by the body. A period of about 6 months is required for the clearest results.

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Say hello to your old life.
Brazilian Butt Lift/Butt Aesthetics/Hip Aesthetics
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