Liposuction, which is performed to remove stubborn fat tissues that are deposited in the body and to improve body shape, is among the most preferred body aesthetic surgeries despite regional slimming methods. Liposuction is known by different names such as fat removal, and is frequently performed to the body areas with stubborn fat accumulation, especially the abdomen, waist, leg, buttocks and hip areas. At this point, it should be remembered that liposuction is not a slimming method. It can be performed alone or as part of other aesthetic surgeries within the scope of body shaping. 

What is Liposuction? How Is It Performed?

The method of aesthetic surgery, which is performed in order to remove regional stubborn fat that is hard to lose with diet and exercise, is called liposuction. Excess fat cells in the body are completely absorbed with liposuction. Today, liposuction techniques have diversified with the advancement of medical technologies. Generally, liposuction is carried out with the principle of liquidating the stubborn fats and removing the liquidated fats from 1-2 mm incisions with the help of thin and long cannulas. For the sustainability of the results, it is important for the patients to gain healthy eating habits and exercise after liposuction. 

Who Can Have Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure; therefore, patient selection for this procedure is very important. Individuals, whose general medical condition does not constitute an obstacle for surgery, who have a problem of regional lubrication, have deformations in body shape due to regional lubrication, have realistic expectations and want to shape their body lines, can have liposuction. Liposuction is not recommended in cases such as the presence of systemic diseases, excessive weight problems and very low skin elasticity.

Planning Process Before Liposuction

The planning process before liposuction is completed by evaluating the general medical condition of the patient, determining their needs and expectations, and selecting the technique. When choosing the liposuction technique and technology, the body structure, body area where stubborn fats and medical conditions of the patient are of decisive importance. High level of satisfaction can be achieved after the procedure with a sound communication to be established between the patient and the physician, and the detailed planning made before liposuction.

Recovery Process After Liposuction

The fluid balance of the patient must be preserved during the process after liposuction. After the procedure, patients are usually discharged from the hospital 1 day after performing the general medical examinations. After the removal of fat tissues, it may be necessary to use a corset at the frequency and time recommended by the surgeons after liposuction for a healthy recovery in the skin. Thus, an indented protruding appearance in the area of procedure is prevented. In the early period, side effects such as swelling, bruising and numbness may occur in the operation area; however, these complaints will disappear within a few weeks with compliance with the instructions of the physicians.

It is very important for patients to exercise regularly, and gain healthy eating habits after liposuction. It is possible to gain weight if unhealthy life habits continue. Care should be taken to avoid high-tempo exercises that increase blood pressure for the first 3 weeks.

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Say hello to your old life.
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