Tooth whitening

Healthy and white teeth are among the most important factors that provide self-confidence in aesthetic terms. Staining and discoloration of the teeth due to the effects of foods, beverages and tobacco products consumed over time may affect the smiles, and cause the loss of self-confidence in individuals. In addition to these, structural problems may occur during the formation of teeth in childhood, or there may be discoloration due to the medications used. Tooth whitening methods can vary since the tooth discoloration can be seen in the forms of internal or external discoloration. Today, tooth whitening treatment can be performed using many different techniques according to the needs of patients.

What is tooth whitening? How Is It Performed?

The treatment that makes the teeth look whiter by removing the stains on the internal or external parts of the teeth is called the tooth whitening treatment. There are two types of tooth whitening treatment according to the technique. Tooth whitening treatment performed in a clinical setting is finalized by applying a whitening gel on the tooth, and a special blue light to activate the gel. It is the fastest, safest and most effective method. The color of the teeth can be lightened up to 3-4 tons.

Tooth whitening can also be performed at home. Before the tooth whitening treatment at home, the size of the mouth is measured, and a personal plastic mouthpiece is prepared. Then, the individual is given an option where s/he can see the whitening effect on the teeth by placing a special gel in this mouthpiece within a period of 5-7 days. In line with the targeted whitening degree, the individual may need to perform this procedure 4-8 hours a day.

Who Can Have Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Individuals, who do not have tooth and gum disease that may prevent tooth whitening, and whose bone development is completed, can have this treatment. As with any treatment, a general dental examination is required before tooth whitening. If the individual has different problems such as tooth decay, these problems must be treated first.

Points to Take Into Consideration After Tooth Whitening

It is of great importance that the individual pays attention to oral hygiene after tooth whitening. The effects of the procedure may not be the same for all individuals. Likewise, the permanence period of tooth whitening can vary in accordance with the oral and dental care taken by the individual. Avoiding smoking and beverages that can cause discoloration such as alcohol, coffee and tea can affect the success of the results.

Tooth whitening is a purely cosmetic procedure. It can be preferred alone, or as an additional procedure during smile design, also known as Hollywood Smile.

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Tooth whitening
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