Hollywood Smile/Smile Aesthetics

White teeth alone are not sufficient for confident smiles and a remarkable impression. The shape, structure, size and even the appearance of the lips and gums that support the smile are as important as the color of the teeth. The main purpose of smile aesthetics, also called Hollywood Smile, is to create a perfect smile tailored to the person. The smile aesthetics, which is planned according to the expectations, physical characteristics and needs of the individual, has a combined nature. Smile aesthetics has been increasingly preferred by many individuals, who are uncomfortable with their appearance and desire rejuvenation.

What Is Hollywood Smile? How Is It Performed?

A great smile can become one of the most attractive features of an individual. It is one of the most effective ways to express health, success, youth and sincerity. Moreover, it provides a big plus in terms of personal, social and commercial relations. Hollywood Smile can be defined as a procedure or a series of procedures, which is performed to individuals, who are not satisfied with their smile due to various reasons, and which turns the teeth, gums and lips into an element of the perfect smile. 

Smile design has both cosmetic and functional characteristics. In line with the expectations and needs of the patients, the factors that overshadow their smiles are determined. Afterwards, it is aimed to eliminate all problems with careful planning. Although the Hollywood Smile procedure may differ individually, it has certain rules. When the lips are in the free position, 1.5 - 2 mm of the frontal teeth are visible, and there are no gaps in the corners of the lips, called the dark areas. In addition, the teeth follow the lower lip line and the the curve from front to back while smiling, which ensures the proportionality among the teeth. 

Who Can Have Hollywood Smile?

Individuals, who have completed their bone development, are not satisfied with their smiles, and thereby who have lost their self-confidence, are suitable for Hollywood Smile. Nonetheless, individuals, who have lost their teeth, whose chewing functions are damaged due to tooth loss, and whose smile is shaded, can also apply for a special smile design.

Planning Process Before Hollywood Smile

While planning this dental aesthetic procedure, in which different criteria are observed for women and men, evaluation is performed on the gender, shape of the face, proportions of the organs on the face, the structure of the lips, the length, shape and color of the teeth, and the structure and appearance of the gums. After obtaining the expectations regarding the attractive smile, intellectual smile and sportive smile, the procedures to be performed for achieving the goal are determined. In this context, gum aesthetics or tooth whitening may be performed, veneers or implants can be attached, decayed teeth can be extracted, implant treatment can be administered, and orthodontic treatments can be performed. 

Recovery Process After Hollywood Smile

The recovery process may vary according to the individual, in line with the procedures required for a perfect smile. Specialist physicians will convey detailed information to the patients about the points to be considered in this process. It should be remembered that all the procedures to be performed during the smile design are personal, and the results should be the most natural and suitable for the individual.

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Say hello to your old life.
Hollywood Smile/Smile Aesthetics
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