Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain shells with light permeability due to their very thin structure are called "porcelain laminates". Porcelain laminates have the ability to imitate natural teeth due to their thinness and material. They resist abrasion, and are made of a very durable ceramic. Their porcelain surfaces are smooth; therefore, there is a very low possibility for tartar formation or tooth stains due to factors such as smoking. Porcelain laminates, which are used for ensuring attractive smile in individuals that are not satisfied with the shape, color and general appearance of their teeth, provide the protection of solid dental tissue by very little abrasion of the teeth. Porcelain laminates prepared in the form of shells are adhered to the thinned and slightly abraded tooth surfaces, enabling the renewal of the tooth tissue, improvement of the color and enlightenment of the smile. 

What Is Porcelain Laminate? How Is It Performed?

As mentioned before, porcelain laminate is one of the tooth coating methods. Individuals with permanent stains on their teeth, size differences and slight distortions can have a more perfect smile with porcelain laminate. 

Before starting the porcelain laminate procedure, the teeth are measured carefully before abrasion. This is followed by the design process. In the second session, sensitive abrasions are performed on the front surfaces of the teeth. It is aimed to create space for laminate with these abrasions. Then, the abraded teeth are measured again. In the last session of the porcelain laminate procedure, the laminates produced specially for the tooth sizes of the individual are bonded to the teeth to ensure their strength. 

Who Can Get Porcelain Laminates?

Porcelain Laminate offers a practical and reliable solution to various cosmetic problems regarding teeth. Thanks to these special materials, tooth sizes and shapes can be changed, broken teeth can be repaired, and the gaps between teeth can be closed. In addition, they can offer an alternative to orthodontic treatments in mild tooth distortions. Individuals, who have completed their bone development, have problems with the appearance of their teeth, and want to achieve a more bright and eye-catching result in the most natural way, can get porcelain laminates.  Porcelain lamina application is not recommended for patients, who have adhering disorders in the chin, have a habit of biting hard objects such as nails or pens, and who have severe receding gum problems.

Planning Process Before Porcelain Laminate Procedure

Before the procedure, the measurements of the tooth or teeth to be coated should be made carefully. This procedure helps to protect the solid tissue of the teeth, and makes a difference in many processes from the correct measurement of the laminate production to the smooth bonding of the laminate to the abraded tooth. 

Recovery Process After Porcelain Laminate

After the porcelain laminate procedure, patients can return to their daily lives. A smooth adaptation will be possible by complying with all the recommendations of specialist physicians. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Porcelain Laminate
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