Implant Treatment

Tooth loss causes damage to chewing functions  and aesthetic concerns when laughing in the early period. In time, the problems experienced due to tooth loss bring different problems. Having missing teeth causes the deterioration of facial symmetry and makes the individual to look older as a result of facial collapses. It causes melting and thinning of jawbone, digestive problems due to insufficient grinding of food and, misalignment and deformation of the other teeth. With the developing medical technologies, dental integrity can be achieved by replacing the missing teeth or tooth; and problems due to tooth loss can be prevented.

What is Dental Implant Treatment? How Is It Performed?

The treatment used in the treatment of tooth deficiencies, which involves the insertion of titanium screws into the jawbone, is called implant therapy. When the placement of titanium screws in the jaw bone is completed within the implant treatment, dental prostheses are placed on these screws. Unlike the bridge procedure, which can be preferred in the treatment of missing teeth, no damage is caused to the neighboring teeth during implant treatment. While implants can perform all the functions of tooth roots, dental prostheses make it possible to achieve a natural appearance. 

Implant treatment is a surgical procedure; therefore, the planning process is carried out in a very comprehensive manner. After it is clarified that the individual is suitable for the implant, mild sedation is administered to the patient before starting the procedure. When there is one missing tooth, dentists expose the bone in the area, and drill a hole in the bone where the screw will be placed. In case the individual is determined to have low bone density as a result of the measurements, the procedure called bone transplant is performed first before the screw is placed. This is the traditional method used in implant treatment. With the developing technology, it is also possible to use laser during implant treatment. In addition to all these, the decaying tooth of the individual is extracted, and the implant can be placed immediately. The extracted tooth root can be used for the placement of the implant, without the need for an additional procedure. 

Recovery period begins for the patient after the placement of the screw. During the recovery period, the screw integrates with the bone. This period may continue for 2-6 months depending on the quality of the bone. After the healing process, the temporary prosthesis is removed, and the permanent dental prosthesis is placed in the implant.

Who Can Have Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment can be administered to individuals, who are over the age of 18, have no problems in the jaw bone structure or have problems that can be improved before treatment, do not desire to use prostheses, need support implants for their prostheses, and have one tooth or multiple teeth missing. Implant treatment is not recommended for heavy smokers.

Planning Process Before Implant Treatment

Before implant treatment, patients are thoroughly evaluated. Bone density of the patients is determined in the planning process. Computer-aided 3D tomography is performed, and a mouth template is created with digital scans. The cavities to be opened for the implant in the bone are planned in detail.  

Recovery Process After Implant Treatment

Post-treatment process is of great importance for the success of implant treatment. In this period, it will be necessary to ensure oral hygiene, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption that will delay the recovery, avoid excessive hot or extreme cold foods, and generally follow all the recommendations of the physicians. Thus, all the benefits of implant treatment can be experienced, both in functional and aesthetic terms. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Implant Treatment
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