Ultrasonic Piezo

Medical technologies are constantly developing. Technologies used in different fields of medicine for many years can also be used in rhinoplasty. Piezo rhinoplasty, also called ultrasonic rhinoplasty, comes to the fore as a technique that allows cutting the bones without breaking, forming smoother nose contours, and preventing soft tissue damage during nose shaping. In this way, individuals, who are not satisfied with the shape, structure or size of their nose can achieve their expectations with a smoother procedure.

What is Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery? How Is It Performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery, which involves cutting and trimming of the nasal bones with tiny saws that can vibrate more than 20 thousand times per second, produce ultrasonic sound waves, and have the ability to select tissue at the same time, is called ultrasonic Piezo surgery. Piezo surgery, which can be expressed as an advanced technique that allows the bones to be shaped with great precision during open or closed rhinoplasty, does not change the stages of the procedure essentially. 

Who Can Have Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery?

Ultrasonic Piezo is an advanced technique that allows the bones to be shaped during open or closed rhinoplasty. Individuals, who meet all the necessary criteria to be considered suitable for rhinoplasty, who will undergo bone reshaping during the procedure in addition to these criteria, can be considered for ultrasonic piezo surgery. As in all procedures, surgeons decide the techniques to be preferred during rhinoplasty as a result of comprehensive patient-specific evaluations. At this point, it should be considered that even the thinnest bones can be shaped precisely and safely with ultrasonic Piezo, and the effects that may cause revision such as collapse in the nasal bones can be eliminated.

Recovery Process After Ultrasonic Piezo

Ultrasonic Piezo technique enables the shaping of bone tissues with special micro saws. Since the saws have a tissue selection feature, the integrity of the soft tissue can be preserved with high success. While the bones are shaped with maximum precision, the vibration power of the micro saws can be adjusted according to the density of the bone to be shaped. Superior technological features eliminate the possibility of damage to the blood vessels, cartilages, nerves or muscle tissues in the region as well as soft tissues. This increases the comfort of the patients during the post-operative process, and significantly reduces the possible complications they may experience. After ultrasonic Piezo, which provides both major and minimal changes in the nose, bruising and edema almost never occur.

After the procedure, patients should protect their noses against impacts, avoid the habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption that would delay tissue healing, avoid excessive sports during the recovery period, and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. If the individual needs to be exposed to the sun, s/he should use high protection sunscreen and wide hats, and use the sea-ocean waters or ointments prescribed by surgeons as often as recommended. 

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Say hello to your old life.
Ultrasonic Piezo
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