Closed Rhinoplasty

Nose is ranks first among the organs that are noticed first and the most on the face. Therefore, problems with the shape of the nose are so important that they can directly affect the facial expression of the individual. Thanks to the developing medical technologies and techniques, rhinoplasty can be planned individually. The rhinoplasty technique is selected according to the needs of the patient, the scope of the changes to be made in the nose and the patient-specific factors after the preparation process, which starts with the meetings of the patient and the surgeon, continues with facial analysis, and completes with nose simulation. Both open and closed techniques can be preferred during rhinoplasty. Both techniques have prominent advantages. Surgeons will make the most appropriate choice of technique for patients after all evaluations.

What Is Closed Rhinoplasty? How Is It Performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery, in which the interventions are performed only from the inside of the nostrils, is called the closed rhinoplasty. The only and most distinctive difference between open and closed rhinoplasty is the access to the nasal septum through the nostrils in closed rhinoplasty. Since there is no incision in the nose skin, there is no minimal or excessive scar is left after closed rhinoplasty. For this reason, closed rhinoplasty is also called scarless rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty offers serious advantages in some patient groups. Especially if there is no need for radical changes in the nasal septum, if it is the first rhinoplasty of the person, and if less amount of grafts is used, successful results can be obtained with closed rhinoplasty. Accordingly, the comfort of the patients can be increased in the post-operative process by shortening the recovery process. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, and takes 1-3 hours.

Who Can Have Closed Rhinoplasty?

Individuals, who are dissatisfied with the shape of their nose, size and angle of their noses, 
Who have completed their bone development,
Whose general medical condition does not pose an obstacle for the procedure,
People with realistic expectations are considered suitable for closed rhinoplasty.

Planning Process Before Closed Rhinoplasty

As mentioned before, the only difference between open and closed rhinoplasty procedures is the method of reaching the nasal septum. Apart from this, the planning and procedure are exactly the same. In the planning process of closed rhinoplasty, the expectations of the patients are learned, the results of the facial analysis and the skin structure are evaluated. 

The main purpose of the planning process performed before closed rhinoplasty is to construct a nose that will be in harmony with the shape, structure and proportions of the other organs on the faces of the patients, and to look natural at the same time. For this reason, facial analysis will be at the center of the planning process as always. In this context, variables such as the structure of the eyes of the person, the angle between the nose and the lip, the position and structure of the cheekbones, the position of the eyebrows will be taken into consideration in the design of the new nose. 

Recovery Process After Closed Rhinoplasty

After closed rhinoplasty, patients are discharged after their general medical condition is examined. Since no incision is made on the skin during the procedure, recovery in the post-operative process takes less time compared to the open technique. For the same reason, the amount of swelling and bruising after surgery is less, there are no visible scars, the possibility of trauma in the nose is less, and the patients can stay more comfortable. 

After closed rhinoplasty, the nose should be protected from impacts, and the individual should avoid exercises that may increase blood pressure and cause bleeding for the first 3 weeks. The head should be supported with a few pillows during sleep. The individual should avoid consumption of hard foods, brushing teeth too hard, wearing glasses or sun protection glasses for the first three months after the procedure. 

A smooth recovery can be achieved by using the balms, ocean and sea waters recommended by specialists at the recommended frequency, and by following all directives. 

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Closed Rhinoplasty
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