Breast Asymmetry Correction

It is quite normal for the breasts to be uneven or have different sizes. Breast asymmetry is observed in more than half of the women in their developmental ages. Breast asymmetry is a common condition after adolescence. In fact, the difference between the two breasts can be between 15% to 20%. Nonetheless, the asymmetry is too small to be noticed generally. The presence of breast asymmetry is accepted in cases where there are differences large enough to be noticed from the outside. This naturally causes both physical and psychological discomfort in women. It is not very common; however, micromastia can also cause breast asymmetry. This has huge negative effects on the self-esteem of women. Differences of size and shape between the two breasts are eliminated by breast asymmetry correction procedures.

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction? How Is It Performed?

Different methods and techniques are used in breast asymmetry correction surgery. In some cases, the large breast is reduced, while in other cases, the small breast is augmented with an implant. In cases where the asymmetry is not too large, this asymmetry can be eliminated by transferring the fat obtained from the body to the breast tissue instead of the implant. Asymmetry in the nipple, if any, can also be eliminated during the procedure. In operations where too much tissue is not removed, there is the possibility of preserving the milk ducts. In the operation, both breasts are made even in shape and size as much as possible. Breast asymmetry correction is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, patients must stay in the hospital for one night after the procedure.

Who Can Have Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Breast asymmetry correction is the most suitable option for individuals with significant differences between the two breasts in shape and size. Although this asymmetry frequently occurs during adolescence, the individual is expected to have completed body development. With this procedure, individuals over the age of 18, who have differences between the two breasts in various aspects, can achieve the appearance they desire. Individuals, who are still in the developmental period, should wait to complete their body development. Although breast asymmetry occurs at first, in some cases it may disappear spontaneously with the development of the body.

Planning Process Before Breast Asymmetry Correction

The planning process of the procedure progresses with the participation of the patient and the surgeon. The types of the techniques to be used is determined within this process. Depending on the request and body structure of the individual, there are different options such as tissue removal from the large breast, implant placement in the small breast, and using different sizes of implants for each breast. Here, the request and body structure of the patient are also taken into consideration. Placement of different sizes of implants in both breasts causes an augmentation in the breasts. On the other hand, some patients do not wish to experience this. Therefore, different techniques should be used. After deciding on how to perform the procedure, the patient is presented the appearance to be obtained after the procedure.

Recovery Process After Breast Asymmetry Correction

According to the decision of the physician after the procedure, patients can stay in the hospital for one day, or they may be discharged on the same day. This may vary according to the patient. There is no problem for the patients to return to their daily life slowly after a few days. Generally, it is recommended that patients do not take a bath for two days after the procedure. The feeling of redness, swelling or pain after the  procedure disappears in about 1 week. In addition, pain or aches can be easily controlled with the painkillers recommended by the physician. The incisions made for the procedure are usually unnoticeable from the outside. Nonetheless, the scars of the incisions reach a level that will not be noticed within approximately 1 year.

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Breast Asymmetry Correction
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