Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair transplant without shaving is preferred due to the fact that it eliminates the hair shaving process, which causes many individuals to change their minds about this procedure. Considering that the shaving of hair is a difficult process especially for women despite the positive results in the long term, this technique is mostly preferred by women. Since the hair transplant without shaving technique eliminates the need for shaving the donor area completely, this method is preferable for all individuals, especially the individuals, who do not desire to change their appearance.

What is Hair Transplant Without Shaving How Is It Performed?

Special pens with gold needle tips are used in this technique, which is also called the FUE without shaving. In this technique, it is possible to transplant approximately 2000 hair follicles in each session. The procedure is more difficult compared to the FUE hair transplant, and it requires expertise. For this reason, extension of the area to be transplanted may cause an increase in the number of sessions. This technique is implemented in 3 stages. Hair transplant without shaving can be performed by collecting hair follicles, opening channels in the area to be transplanted, and transplanting hair. If hair transplant is to be performed using the DHI technique, there is no need for channel opening.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Hair transplant without shaving is a method that can be preferred more comfortably, especially by women. In addition to women, this procedure is very comfortable for individuals, who do not desire the donor area to be shaved completely, or to change their appearance. Hair transplant without shaving can be recommended for individuals, whose hair starts to become thinner and who have regional hair loss problems.

Planning Process Before Hair Transplant Without Shaving

The medical condition of the individual should be examined before planning the procedure. After completing general medical examinations and listening to the medical history of the patient, the decision for the procedure is made, and the planning is performed. This procedure can be preferred by examining special requirements in individuals with chronic diseases. The procedure can be preferred for individuals, who do not have problems with blood circulation and skin healing, and do not have to use drugs that have blood thinning effects regularly.  In order to perform an accurate and sound planning, it is important to explain the general medical condition to the specialists. Hair transplant without shaving takes longer than normal, as it requires much more attention compared to the other procedures. Since the number of grafts that can be used in this technique is limited, multiple sessions may be required. Alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided before the procedure, and this should be continued until the recovery process is completed. It is also recommended not to use drugs with blood thinning effects, and the consumption of herbal tea or supplements should be avoided.

Recovery Process After Hair Transplant Without Shaving

After hair transplant without shaving, individuals can return to their homes the same day. It is sufficient to rest on the day of the procedure. Afterwards, the individuals can return to their normal lives. After this procedure, it takes about 1 week to clear the crusts in the transplanted area. The fact that it is very comfortable to return to daily life afterwards is another advantage of this procedure

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Say hello to your old life.
Hair Transplant Without Shaving
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