DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant

Since hair transplantation has been a highly preferred procedure in recent years, there are more and more innovations in this area every day. With the DHI (Choi) technique, hair transplantation has been very popular as it allows the procedure to be performed much more smoothly, and at the same time it does not require haircut. This technique is administered by the individual to perform the hair transplantation using a special pen, namely the Choi Pen. Since sedation is administrated to the transplantation area, there is no pain felt during the procedure, and the individual can be discharged immediately after the procedure.

What is DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant? How Is It Performed?

DHI (Choi) is a technique that makes it possible to perform a smoother and faster procedure in hair transplantation procedures, and has a high survival rate for hair follicles. A detailed physical examination is the first step before hair transplantation using the DHI (Choi) technique. Afterwards, the process continues with the hair analysis and the necessary blood tests. Detailed examination of the area where the hair follicles will be collected helps to obtain important information about the hair in this area. Thanks to these analyses, different factors such as the quality of the hair in the area and the potential for shedding in the long term are evaluated, and the procedures are initiated. The greatest advantage of the DHI (Choi) technique is that it consists of 2 stages. The process is completed in a much shorter time by performing the hair graft collection, channel opening and hair transplantation procedures at a single intervention with the help of Choi Pen. Hair transplantation with the DHI (Choi) technique is performed using special equipment; and therefore, it must be performed by a specialist.

Who Can Have DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant?

All individuals suitable for hair transplantation can have hair transplantation with the DHI (Choi) technique. As in other medical practices, this medical practice should be planned based on the general medical condition of the individual. Hair transplantation is not recommended for individuals with diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C that have not been vaccinated, individuals, who are not suitable for taking a break from drug use due to chronic diseases, and individuals with incurable skin diseases. Apart from these conditions, all individuals can easily have a hair transplant.

Planning Process Before DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant

Before the hair transplantation, the general medical condition of the individual should be examined in detail. It is important to evaluate the medications that the individual uses regularly and, if necessary, to discontinue the medication for a certain period of time before the procedure. In order to ensure a healthy recovery process and prevent bleeding during the procedure, it is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol consumption at least a week in advance. Since the number of grafts that can be transplanted at a single intervention in the DHI (Choi) technique is definite, the total number of sessions to complete the procedure is also calculated at the planning stage.

Recovery Process after DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant

Since the need for opening a channel for transplantation is eliminated thanks to the pen used, the duration of the procedure and recovery are also short. The channels where the grafts will be placed are opened during transplantation; therefore, there is less formation of edema in the area. Edema disappears between 5 and 7 days after the procedure, and the scalp returns to its original state by spilling in the crusted areas. This technique, which provides a smooth recovery process, also eliminates the need for a haircut. Accordingly, there is no change in the appearance, and the individual can return to normal life as if s/he had not had any procedure. 

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Say hello to your old life.
DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant
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